The Trail

I’m just heading out
Out of my comfort zone.
I don’t want to follow the norm
Coz I want to set the tone.

The beaten path
It’s not one to tread.
That’s the safe one to go
For one who is afraid.

I am not a follower
I am not in a herd.
I am the trailblazer
Flying high like a bird.

It’s not going to be easy
It will not be a cakewalk.
There will be cuts and bruises
But I’ll know only when I take stock.

All the obstacles and troubles
I will overcome them all.
I will achieve what I want
No matter how much I fall.


The Turn

What’s life, if not a journey;
A journey of discovery.
The discovery of oneself,
Self realization till the very end.

Throughout this journey
There come times that test;
Times that pull you down,
That leave not one, not even the best.

This is when winners show what they are, the best!
While the losers rot in the rut,
While the ‘normal’ ones wait for change,
The best turn it around, play it by the gut.

That’s all it takes, just one turn;
A quick snap of the fingers;
A little knock-knock to oneself.
A simple realization that it ain’t the end.

It’s a long journey, life…
Setbacks are but a wakeup call
Not to let loose, not to just let it by.
The end, as they say, is only when the curtains. truly. fall.


The purpose of life.
No I don’t mean life is worthless
It’s just that it’s got more meaning
Than success could ever amass.

What’s gold worth? If every pebble
that a kid kicks, shone ever so bright!
What would honey taste like?
If stale bread too gave it a feisty fight.

How would you value good
When evil isn’t just as bad?
Would you value Tendulkar the same,
If Kambli wasn’t just as mad?

Our failures are as important
as our successes, for they are the balance.
They are the springboard we jump off of
No matter how high the fence

They split the men from the boys
For they are the true test.
For he who feeds off his failures
Is one who deserves to be the best.

Group Discussions: A “dog’s-eye” view


There was this one fine day, I was hanging out with my friends in Bangalore. We were having some fruit juice, when a gang of 3 street dogs started indulging in a “debate”; random barking for the layman. Each of the three respected participants adopted different styles, which got me thinking about the evolution of man in the animal kingdom. Nah! I’m just kidding. This got me thinking of the way humans “bark” in group discussions!

Now let’s get right to it!

Dog 1 was the immediate aggressor, barking away before anyone else could, and giving no one any space to bark! Dog 2 was the silent one, looking at this aggressor, confused as to what on earth was happening in front of him! He looked totally dazed, giving a blank look at Dog 1. Cue entry Dog 3, the target so far of Dog 1’s assault. He listened, and listened, and listened (maybe with a wily little smile to himself that the stage was perfectly set for him!). And then he ROARED! One loud bark, and the noise around him was ripped into silence. Dog 1 had finally shut up, and did not dare to bark again. Dog 2 was still trying to figure out what the hell happened! And Dog 3 calmly walked away and sat in the shade, while 1 & 2 were left out in the sun, wondering!

Pretty much the story of the Group Discussions, especially in “premier” b-schools. There are mainly 3 types of “discussers”.

Type 1 is the kind which knows he has to just keep making points, never mind whether there is actually a point to these points. Rarely do they know much about the topic at hand, but they simply need to talk. They rattle off at right at the start, and never stop! They are the aggressive ones. Type 2 would be the silent ones. They either don’t know anything about the topic, or they are too uncomfortable about speaking in public. Either ways, they would be the passive ones. Type 3 would be the kind that would wait (again with that wily little smile to themselves) and wait, as long as they can stand Type 1’s nonsense. And then they arrive! They make that one point which shuts up pretty much everyone in the GD. They make enough sense, and have enough command that the nonsense gets, well, nonsensical.

And at the end of the day, the results are pretty much the same too!

  • 1 gets left out in the sun
  • 2 is left wondering “what!?!!”
  • 3, well, gets taken under the shade, and relaxes.

Maybe they should start calling it a dog-race from now on!


P.S: This is for humor only. But all the jabs in this are intentional and if you feel offended, it’s only because you were too loud or too dazed during your time! 😛

(There isn’t) light at the end of the tunnel


Remember the words “just endure this, and life will be a breeze”?
That’s one of the more bullshit things there is.
For there is no breeze coming your way
It’s a monstrous hail-storm, U need to learn to hold your sway.

School, college, work: it’s all the same story
We always dream of the next bit being hunky dory
Then we hear “just do well now, then it’s a breeze”
It’s much more complicated than that, enough please!

Maybe that’s what drives us, that discontent we feel
The unattainable pleasures we see in that 35mm reel.
We forget that life is all about “NOW”
It is about what we do with it, and how.

There is no comfort above where you are
Just hurt at a higher level, with a bigger scar.
There is no happiness beyond the struggle
Hell, even Mukesh Ambani doesn’t know a life without trouble!
Poor guy cries in crores, while we look around for a penny
I’d be shitting my pants if I were betting on that many!

I’m not being negative, just a point I try to make
That it is not about the next level, give it a break
It’s about today! The day that makes a difference
Live it without remorse, without any pretence

Strugglers will struggle, wherever they are
Livers will live, go high and far.
Live like there’s no tomorrow, like there wasn’t a yesterday
The simple joys will, I assure you, take you through day after day, after day

– Shishir

Motivation (or how a lazy bum like me came to write a blog)

You know the kind who are actually upbeat about everything in life? The kind who believe that noone but themselves can rule them. The kind that believes that motivation comes from within. The kind who see the upside of it all. Well I’m one of that kind. 

No exaggeration, but I’ve seen some shit in my lifetime so far! Some things that would have destroyed most people. Some things that would have scarred most people for life. I haven’t been bogged down by them, for I know what my goals are; I know what my ambitions are; and I know what I need to do in order to fulfill them. This is about one of those days when I did not. But, a background for this first.

I was a very emotional kid growing up (still am if you ask my closest buds!). I was a live emotional rollercoaster! One moment I would be laughing hard at a small joke, and the next moment I would be chasing somebody to beat them up! This was despite my slender frame! I was prone to crying if things did not go my way. If I got angry at something, I would have tears first, and then the action next!

But somehow, things improved as I grew. I must credit one of my closest buddies Subhojit Ghosh for that. He helped me understand how a person must think, how a person must act, and how one must react. (Thanks mate! You’ve no clue how grateful I am for that! I do miss you a lot). I started getting calmer and calmer. Another horrific experience during my MBA at IIML made me what I am today, stronger and completely unruffled in my bad times. That story for another day…

Anyways, I don’t know how it is, but there comes a day when you start having doubts, not about yourself, but about everything around you. You wonder why, at the end of all the hard work you put, you tend to end up receiving the short end of the stick. All that you dreamed about can come crashing to the ground, just like that.

You persevere, keep your usual upbeat mood, but somehow there is a day when you just cannot move yourself. It gets all the worse when you are living a thousand miles from home, and no shoulder to lay on.

Friday (7-Feb-2014) was one such day. Things have not been going fine since a few days. But this one day, was horrendous. I am sitting in office and I wanted to smash my screen. I wanted to burst out! I wanted to know why everything was so unfair to me! So I took a break, took a few minutes for myself at the cafeteria. It was then that I wrote the lines of “Such is Life”. I realized that even though I hated writing, this gave me a new way to vent out my feelings, good or bad. I realized that I don’t have to rely on people to be around anymore. I realized that all my experiences that have made me so strong are the ones that can keep me going after all!

I came back to my seat, decided that the blogosphere is where I can make my own world. Where I can just let my feelings float to eternity. If it is bad, it shall pass. If it is good, it shall pass too! No point brooding over it. Just let go.

Thus came the start of my blog. The start of a new passion. The start of another motivation to look forward to a new day 🙂

I’ve realised…

I’ve realised,
That people come, people go.
Just when, you never know.

I’ve realised…
That “value” is always, a zero-sum game.
The more you value someone, the lesser you are to them.

I’ve realised…
That U need to get hurt, know what pain is.
Only then will u respect one n his journeys.

I’ve realised…
It takes a lot to be good when everything around you is revolving.
But then again, if you are here just to hurt someone else, why are you living?

I’ve realised…
Do good, be nice, be genuine.
It pays. If not now, but then when you badly need it.

It’s just that I’ve realised. Just about realised.